How the rain affects you…

When I was younger, and by that I mean during High school, I used to watch the rain pouring down from the bus’ window and I remember I started to love it, because everyone else around me hated it, like it was some sort of evil.
Since they were just swearing against it, I felt more and more fascinated by the one-second slow and the-other-second fast motion of the rain.
Nowadays, and I’m still not that old OK, I like the rain sometimes. I guess you can’t hate what you once loved. (this can be taken out of the topic DON’T)
I love it when I’m at home (very early morning / very late evening) and there is no sound around me but the calming dropping of the rain and when it gets heavy (I still love it, because I’m still at home) it seems like there is somebody screaming and shouting incomprehensible words, somewhere.
And then maybe you suddenly (by chance) catch one or two of those words and you start writing a song (or you start shouting as well, depends where you live in the world).
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