Beauty Review: Skin Creams for Autumn

One of the most common problems, when the season changes, it’s the breakouts, spots and redness. How to fight them? There are many ways. I like to use these four products for my Fall regeneration routine. 
The first one it’s the Rose Otto Face Mask by Dr. Organic and it’s a deep cleansing, anti-aging, restoring formula. If you need to detox your skin, if you want to get rid of spots, this is the perfect choice. Plus, the smell it’s roses!
As second one, I picked this Daily Moisture hand and cuticle cream by Jergens, which hydrates and smoothes 24-hour leaving the skin hydrated and smoother. It uses silk proteins and citrus extracts, and after the first application, you can immediately feel it. Such a perfect combo!
My third choice is the Ted Baker Body Lotion. I love Ted Baker’s smells. It’s like having a bath in a bowl of marshmallows. Even afterwards, you still smell the sugary fragrance.
The infusion is made of bergamot, red fruits, tuberose and patchouli.
Fourth and last it’s the Foot Care Cream professional by CCS Swedish Formula. Taking care of your feet it’s very important and I learnt it after I have seen how my feet skin was in need of a massage and a good cream. This cream helps manage and prevent dry and rough skin. The smoothness is incredible!

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