Scary and Chic Halloween Look: The Countess (AHS)


I had a vision about this look. After I watched all three episodes of AHS Hotel I went to bed and I was laying for a while, thinking how cool and timeless Lady Gaga looked as a vampire countess. The next day, everything was set on my mind. I had the robe, and I had the wig. I just needed tons of make up.

Happy and Safe Halloween everyone!


About the Countess: “She was this rarefied timeless creature. She knew everything about art, literature, and fashion. This is the world I wanted to live in and she promised I could forever. It was glorious. She taught me I could be a lady and a bad ass. There was nothing I couldn’t be… except hers forever.”



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  1. 10/31/2015 / 5:34 pm

    Happy Halloween Vane (good name for a slasher movie)wig & blood reminds me of De Palma film -"Dressed to Kill"

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