November’s Haircare Routine

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I dyed my hair recently and if you are used to hair dyes too, you know how difficult it is to maintain your hair healthy and in good condition.
So, once in a while, I try to discover new haircare brands, products and tools like those Hairdressing Scissor Holsters.
My haircare routine at the moment consists of Coconut Oil by Miaflora (which would be better applied at night, but I prefer to apply it half an hour before the shower). This oil nourish the hair and even if you have thin hair like me, you will see how much volume you will gain. You will feel like you’re out in the jungle! And if you need a little upgrade for your hair, you can still try these ponytail extension and hair coloring procedures at home, just make sure you have the proper salon equipment whenever you want to do it yourself to achieve the best results.
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As a colorant, I decided to go for a Light Toner by Bblonde, which doesn’t cointain ammonia and it’s not permanent. I’m still using this one, so I cannot give a 100% review, but I have seen the results on my sister’s hair and it looks awesome.
As a conditioner, my first pick it’s the Virgin coconut oil conditioner by, which nourish my hair incredibly. It leaves it smooth and healthy looking, and it’s perfect if you have tangled hair.
With colored hair you always need an hair mask. I went on buying the Toni&Guy Nourish reconstruction mask, which I started using lately and I have seen how smooth it is. I  am still testing it, but I give it a thumbs up. (this brand is used on London fashion weeks)
My first shampoo choice it’s the Repair and Restore shampoo by Pecksniff’s and I really love this product. I wasn’t sure whether buying or not, but by now it’s one of the best I have tried. It leaves your hair shiny, smooth, nourished, soft and smelling good. All you want from a shampoo!
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The second conditioner pick it’s the Lemon highlights conditioner by Ogx and the smell of this conditioner it’s amazing. You feel in a island! Also, it lightens your hair, it leaves it shiny and soft.My second pick of shampoo it’s the Moroccan argan creme shampoo by Ogx and I like this shampoo as the smell it’s great and it’s made from argan, but I wouldn’t use it every time, as it feels a bit heavy on my thin hair. Still, I need to change shampoo once in a while, so this is a good option. If you want to spice up your hair and give it a brand new look, you can actually trim it by utilizing one of those Hair cutting scissors for home.


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