Event: Spottinstyle Trendsetters’ Preview

Some weeks ago, I got the chance to attend the Spottinstyle Trendsetters’ Preview Party in Camden, and I had a very good time!
David, Spottinstyle’s director, was explaining throughout the night his ideas on the website, and now has just launched its App!
I really like the website Spottinstyle.com and you can be both a trendsetter and a photographer, spot and be spotted. I think it’s a really nice idea for bloggers around the world.
Thank you Spottinstyle for this beautiful event!

I had the pleasure to be featured on the clip and you can see me up there!
We drank some apple and ginger juices and eat sushi, yum!

Spottinstyle is holding a contest where you can tag a pair of your favourite shoes #spottinSHOES for a chance to win a pair of @caterinabelluardo shoes. (you can see them in the picture above)

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