Review: Extensions

Recently, IrresistibleMe sent me their Hair Extensions to try. I was so excited, because first of all it was a long time since I didn’t try extensions and it was long time since I had long hair. Second, I heard about this brand for some months and I have seen other bloggers’ pictures with them on, and I was just so curious to give it a try as well.
As I thought, their extensions are great. I got the Silky Touch Golden Blonde, 24 inches. They are 100% Remy human hair and you can style them, colour them and washed them wherever you want.

One of the best things that I found out, it’s that these extensions don’t tangle or knot, which is one of my nightmares, when you deal with long hair. They are pretty soft, and they have a decreasing tickness towards the ends, just like your normal hair would have.
Clip-in extensions are very easy to wear, and you don’t need the help of any professional hairdresser. You won’t damage your hair and they are very comfortable to use.
The packaging it’s so cute and elegant! They come in a black tiny box, and you can find many clip-in inside it. Also there are spare clips and a plastic bag where to store them.
So overall I highly recommend these extensions! If you miss your long hair, if you had a nightmare cut at the hair salon, if you just miss playing with your long locks as you were doing when you were small… here you go! Just have a look at the different options on the website, choose the colour close to yours, and order them: 


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