January Beauty Favourites

My Beauty Favourites list for January isn’t that long, but the products I picked deserve a mention.

The first product is a palette. I-Divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette by Sleek. The colors are so pigmented, make sure you use it for a bold make up and a night out! 
The name they picked for the colors are great. There is “Big Ben” (a glittery pink), “The Thames” (rainy blue), “London Eye” (intense pink), “Hyde Park” (fairy green), “Banksy” (olive green), “Black Cab” (petrol black), “London Rain” (dark blue), “Royal” (intense purple), “Cream Tea” (golden) and more.

Then I featured my new lipstick (which I have been loving so much recently), “Starry-eyed” 128 Lipstick by Rimmel. Not only it has a magic smell, but the color stays on so well and it’s a shade of red so intruguing. Doesn’t fade!
To match the lipstick, I bought this 10 Hollywood Red Nail Polish by Collection (up to 7 day wear).
I really love this color, plus it does last long! The color is bold and not one of those “wash off” colors.

Last product is the Orange Blossom Luxury Body Cream by Aromas Artesanales De Antigua. I love orange blossom smell! It’s so delicate, soft but still it stays on your body. Perfect for a fresh start, to wear in the morning. 

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