Review: Color Freedom

About a week ago, I decided to finally give a try to a non permanent hair color. I choose “Crimson Red” from Colour Freedom, which you can find at Superdrug in UK, and I am glad to say I really am in love with this color!
After five washes my hair is still looking awesome! My bright red turned into a lovely pink shade and in some areas, expecially where my hair were a bit darker blonde, it is slowly going back to blonde, but still with pink layers!
If you’re undecided, like I was, you can use a lot of conditioner to keep the color less bright as possible and more on a pastel tone.

The shades of colors they have are: Silver Blonde, Magenta Dream, Pink Pizazz, Crimson Red, Truly Blue, Mystic Purple.

Make sure you read at the back of the product to understand which shade your hair color will mostly turn to. 

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