Review: Sleek, Maybelline, OGX

This past month I have been trying some new stuff. I bought my BB Cream “Light” by Rimmel and I have been using it regularly, to understand if it’s effective on me or not. The results are very good because this product is fluid, expecially since my skin gets dry and sensitive at times.

I also went and bought three lipsticks. One of them is a huge comeback for me: “338” Midnight Plum by Maybelline and it’s this gorgeous dark plum shade that can easy go with different hair colors and still look awesome. (the smell is amazing)
I bought two lipsticks from Sleek: “788” Mulberry Sheen Lipstick and “786” Vamp Matte Lipstick.
They are not particularly smelling good, but they are nice and can last for long time. The first one it’s a dark color similar to Black Cherry by Rimmel, but less intense. The second one is a beautiful red matte, so bye bye glitters.

My new nail polish is from Rimmel “345” Black Cherries, I really like it and it’s fast to dry. 

Talking about haircare, I purchased three products from OGX: Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, Vitamin E Penetrating Oil, Coconut Water Oil Spray.
I love the Sea Salt texture and smell, it’s delicate yet you can feel like you are at the beach at anytime, and I love the coconut smell and its effects on my hair. It leaves it smooth and looking charming.
I don’t like so much the Vitamin E Oil, because after I have been trying for years the Argan Oil one, I can say I would rather buy the Argan Oil, since it gives my hair the perfect touch. Vitamin E doesn’t seem to work so much on my hair, I still have to figure out why. Maybe it’s like the invisibility cloak, and I can’t seem to see the results?


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