I see You

Today I’m featuring three different pieces of jewellery from the website Ringsandtings.com
If you don’t know it, you might want to check it out. They have some original stuff!
I got the “Eye Necklace” which is so unique. It’s weird, I have in Italy a vintage item, which is an Evil eye tree (this one) that I bought 10 years ago or so. (“With hanging blue amulets and nazar trinkets for fruits, the tree is said to ward off harm. Since the idea is to protect you, your loved ones, your home and place of work, the Nazar Boncugu is worn, carried or placed in homes.” )
Then I got a simple silver like bracelet with a gemstone and a nail ring (I never had a nail ring before) which features a cross, and it looks so “steam punk” that I love it.
Necklace: LINK
Ring: LINK
Bracelet: LINK
Photos by theweirdcat


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