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So, let’s all get excited for spring! I posted about it some days ago, giving you a list of my favourite picks, and today’s post is all about what I’m crushing on right now for this spring. I just needed to feature more about it, you know! (can’t wait for the good weather to come and wear thin layers)

I’m presenting a wishlist based on the website ShopSpring.com, which I believe it’s perfectly on point for this topic. What’s on your personal wishlist?

One of my all time fave it’s the green coat. I have got two of them at home, but both are a bit worn out. I would like to have another one, which would kinldy replace those ones. This Silence + Noise Jacquie Sherpa Parka Jacket sparked my interest. Isn’t it lovely?

As soon as I have seen this Team Watanabe Crew sweater, I thought “no way!”. It immediately reminded me of the filmmaker Watanabe, who directed the anime series “Cowboy Bebop” (you should check it out!).

I probably get too much attatched to some kind of sentences. For example, when they mirror my thoughts or emotions, those words just keep on floating in my head and it’s good to keep track of them and maybe write them down. (or wear them) Check out this Blacklist Hat in Black.

One color that I have been crushing on lately, it’s the soft purple. So I couldn’t keep myself from desiring this Milan 4 with Rose Mirrored Lenses!

I used to have a similar pair of this long black boots, so I should probably buy a new one. The FRONTERA BLACK by Matisse boots are vegan.

How cool it would look this Kimchi Blue Floral Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress with the boots I listed above? A bit romantic, a bit rock. I love this mix of styles, it kinda goes well for spring time and also reminds me of my childhood.

On my crush list, obviously I can’t forget to list a black piece of clothing like this Mari Midi Dress, which is as simple as chic for a day out. (I would pair it with a leather jacket or denim jacket)

I stumble upon this gorgeous TOO MUCH TO DREAM Ayala Robe and fell in love! How cute is this? Ok, I might probably have an obsession with words printed on the back of jackets and cardigans, but…

This Aerosmith Aero Force One has a great color for spring. I love pastel blue and rock band t-shirts, so the combo is perfect. I might check out other bands tee too…

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