What’s Fuax-chella you ask? It is TickPick’s fun little take on “Coachella”. To make people all around the world excited about festival season  they created a poster personalized with my favorite bands, so here’s my “Dream Festival Lineup”! Any of these artists you like as well? 🙂
I picked 10 of my top favourites. I am a fan of rock and roll and old classics, so I couldn’t stop myself from selecting ten big names. The Beatles are one of the biggest names of all in the music industry, with songs that just are so amazing that covers so many musical genres! One of my favourite is “Yellow Submarine”. 
Guns and roses and Nirvana were my teenager years’ soundtrack (and still are with some of my favourites like “November Rain” and “Lithium”). Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd were a great discovery while I was growing up. (“Light my fire” was a huge surprise to me when I was in high school!)
Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are one of my favourites old classics’ singer-songwriter, their lyrics are simple great stories. (“Hurt” is just as sad as meaningful, while “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” was the first song I sang in public!)
I know I should have been to a music festival ages ago! ( sadly I wasn’t even born then )
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