April’s Beauty Favourites

It’s quite some time I haven’t listed my fave beauty products. I feel like I need to share some new entries. What I have been using this month? Here’s my favourite products for April:

I’m glad I choose to pick this L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil from the Superdrug shelf, cause I have been loving it very much! Before giving my opinion, I decided to test it for a month and I have to say since the beginning, every day, it made a difference for my skin. It brightens it and smoothes it.
One of my recent discovery, it’s that Kiko changes their foundations / powder quite often. So, this one (Wet and Dry Mineral Foundation) is one of my last month’s purchase and I tried it for some time now and have to say, I have been liking it a lot, despite the fact that in the first place I didn’t quite like the texture.
The pencil is Intense Color by Collection (Peacock Feather color) and I have been loving it for weeks and weeks. I don’t use it everyday, but I like to apply it sometime, when I want something different on my make up. I love this color, a bit of aquamarine, and since it’s a soft pencil I apply it three times under my lashes.
The BrowDrama Pomade Crayon by Maybelline it’s quite efficient, not one of the perfect pencils, but I like it. I expecially like that the color stays on and it’s natural. 
The lipstick is Mulberry True Color by Sleek and again it’s one of those colors you can’t wear at every occasion. I still use it frequently and I love the shade, it’s not that heavy, just dark. 


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  1. 04/20/2016 / 3:00 pm

    Wow you're early! I am really curious about the brow crayon. I will have to have a closer look next time I am in Boots. Great post, I better start thinking about mine haha x


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