Unboxing: GEM Jewellery Part II

This is the Part II of Unboxing GEM Jewelry which is one jewellery brand of Star Harvest Jewelry Company. Both of them are 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Check out their website to see more designs and learn more infos:
Star Harvest Jewelry Website: www.starharvestsilverjewelry.com

This is the Trident Jewellery Set and it’s designed inspired by the original trident, which in Greek Mythology is the weapon of the god of the sea, Poseidon. It’s inlayed with blue topaz and symbolizes the blue sea, and its infinite power and strenght. 

The good thing about this jewellery set is that you can wear it with different kind of outfits and styles.

This is the Amethyst Jewellery Set and it’s designed inspired by the French Lavender Manor. Amethyst is known as dream stone. One particularity of this jewellery set and it’s heart shaped design and its purple color is that it will probably stand out from the crowd.


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