Event: The Bloggers’ Hangout

Last week I went to the Bloggers’ Hangout Summer Event Party at the Strand Gallery and it was awesome! I decided to take some snaps to show you the inside event. 

I was very curious to attend an event from the Bloggers’ Hangout as I joined them recently and actually it was very lovely. Many brands hosted their space there and gifted us with their products. 

There was also a table full of candies! 

I was impressed by the quality and design of the Alfred&Wilde creations! Expecially this golden diamond necklace looks so interesting! They gifted me with a small notebook!

I had a Matcha Powder sample from T-Tox and tried their Matcha Recovery + Coconut Milk drink and it was very refreshing! 

Regenerate Enamel Science was so kind to gift me with a sample of their Advanced Toothpaste and Boosting Serum. 
Their is the first system that can regenerate enamel mineral with the same mineral that tooth enamel is made of.
(check out their website for more infos!)

Pink Parcel had a very interesting space at the event. Their gift box was customized, so I could pick my favourite choices. They also made sure to include more products in their cotton shopping bag. 
Sass&Belle had a visually amazing space at the Bloggers’ Hangout with a variety of colors and products for everybody! I love this pineapple glass, it’s just so cute! 


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