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Today I wanna bring your attention to one of a kind cool website! I’m happy they reached out to me and to feature them on my blog!
It’s Punkrave and their design concept is inspired by edgy, punk, gothic clothes, gothic dresses, gothic victorian dresses, gothic jackets and lolita styles. (they have also a Men’s section)

It’s for those who have a punk-like rebel personality and style and with the help of PUNK RAVE amazing fashion clothing can be different from the crowd. 

Their beginnings are a great story plot: Joey was young and poor and she borrowed her sister’s clothes, redesigning them and she opened her first clothing store. She had to close her shop because it didn’t go well at first, before being able to open it again and make it lasts. She likes punk and black, gothic and romantic. 

The main fashion series styles: 

1. Gothic 
I like black, it’s because I love life more than anyone else” Joey was obsessed with all the dark elements and they reminded her to enjoy every moment of her life.

2. Punk 
Don’t care about other people’s judgement, I know who I am” Joey’s motto is “No depressed, never slavish”, have courage to express ourselves and to be whatever we are. 

3. Lolita 
The fairy tale was a story made up by adults.” Joey says “we grow up to adults, we just want to treasure the fairy tale color that was broken by the reality in the cruel world”.

Joey created PUNK RAVE and separated the brand into “PYON PYON” for LOLITA style (which taken from the Japanese pronunciation, it describes the sounds of the lovely rabbit jumping.)

Check out my fave items list from PUNKRAVE!

Gothic And Punk Sleeveless Net Tee

Punk Gothic Clothes Black Slip Dress

Snakeskin New Maxi Woman Gothic Dress

Black Mini Dress

Steampunk White Jet Printing Strap Dress 

Autumn New Design Vintage Leather Gothic Jacket

Black And Red Scotland Punk Style Plaid Skirt

Gothic Lolita Dress in Black Sleeveless Irregular 



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