Features: Elly Pistols’ Bombers

Today my feature is about Elly Pistola Swedish online clothing website launched in 2015, which sells dope designs from inspiration running in their veins.

They already have customers in more than 25 countries, and they owe their success to edgy yet timeless bomber jackets that quickly gained lots of attention in social media. Their goal is to keep designing seriously fresh jackets for women and other pretty sweet clothing too.

But Elly Pistol is more than just a loud bomber jacket brand. It’s a conscious concept. Every piece in their collection is a tribute to the natural strength within every woman. Why? Every woman and girl should be strong, safe, powerful and heard.
Here are my faves:
Bomber Shorty (LINK

Bomber King (LINK)

Bomber Candy (LINK)

Bomber Smack (LINK)

Bomber Jungle (LINK)


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