Features: Stylish Dresses by Stylewe

Today’s feature is all about Stylish dresses by the website Stylewe

StyleWe it’s an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers that covers many different styles (shipping worldwide!).

Their aim is to create a community of designers and customers that both can benefit from the website and its products. Their goal is to empower independent designers so they don’t have to feel they are hidden behind brands, but they are proactively communicate with their customers. 

Check out Stylewe dresses here | Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2016

Fashion Ready Burgundy Mesh Paneled Sexy Mini Dress 
This red and black sheer dress is perfect for a glam evening out in Autumn!
This dress is just so cute, it comes in a shirt design and I love its delicate flow and color.
Love me some pink, even in this feature, and even though the styling here it’s too girly I think it looks adorable!
This striped black and white long shirt it looks just the right amount of stylish and comfortable.
I couldn’t pass on a black item for my wishlists, so here you go, a long elegant black dress!

FEXATA White Long Sleeve Cotton Slit Plain Shirt Dress
I decided to include a little white and this shirt dress is just so clean and neat that I couldn’t skip it.

Visit Stylewe here

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