Wishlist: Two Pieces Dresses by Stylewe

Today’s Wishlist is all about two pieces dresses by the website StyleWe.

StyleWe it’s an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers that covers many different styles (shipping worldwide!).

Their aim is to create a community of designers and customers that both can benefit from the website and its products. Their goal is to empower independent designers so they don’t have to feel they are hidden behind brands, but they are proactively communicate with their customers. 

They have many discounted items too, so head over StyleWe to see them all.

Here’s my fave list:

Love a little bit of grey for autumn and this set is a very comfy one!

This wine red color is just so perfect for this wishlist! Love me some red!

Can’t get enough of featuring pink dresses and this cute set is just so cool!

An olive green set is classy yet for everyday use, perfect for autumn days!

I love a little bit of light in my wardrobe from time to time, so this camel two pieces set is lovely!

Visit StyleWe for more designs


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