Features: 3 Outfits Ideas with StyleWe

Today’s post is all about “How to Style with StyleWe“. 

StyleWe it’s an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers that covers many different styles and fashion news (shipping worldwide!).

I have created three quick outfit ideas for different kind of occasions. Going to the office, going shopping or visiting a gallery? Here are some inspirations for you.

HOW TO STYLE for the Office:
wearing designer’s Philis

I would keep it a little monochrome with neat lines. The knitted cardigan gives it a little college look.

HOW TO STYLE for going Shopping:

I would stay casual and comfortable wearing this long grey dress and a checked skirt to match it with a little edgy touch (this long transparent black coat).

HOW TO STYLE for an Exhibition:

I love me some edgy items and this overall midi skirt says it all. I would wear it with this black long wool coat and a little artsy blouse to keep it casual but cool.


Visit StyleWe Youtube for more inspirations and website StyleWe for more designs.


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