Beauty: January Reviews

This beauty review is actually in transition between December and January. The vibes here are still a little festive, but looking forward to some new changes too.

Coco by Chanel was the perfume I used the most between mid of December and now. My favorite fragrances are the most charming ones and sometimes unconventional.

Effaclar H moisturizer by La Roche Posay has been a great purchase and I will buy something from this brand again in future. Its formula it’s soft and great for sensitive skins. I use it in the morning and before bed and it has a good impact on my skin.

The Spider Silk Face Serum by Locherber has a great formula and I simply love its texture! The only issue here is that it doesn’t work very much on my type of skin. 

My new mascara is the Miss Manga Mega Volume by L’Oreal and it has become my favorite one at the moment. (just because I didn’t buy the Chanel one!) I really like the applicator and it lasts quite good. (although it’s not looking 100% perfect at the end of the day)

The Exsperience Densi Pro Hair Cleanser has been a great surprise. Even washing my hair every day or every other day, this cleanser has had a good impact on it. I love its gel formula and how clean my hair feels afterwards.

The Argan Micellar Water and Face Cream by Equilibra are a good combo for keeping your face routine fresh and clean! 

While I would rate the micellar water sufficient, the face cream is one huge surprise! I even used it on my body and my skin felt soft for so long, I didn’t need to worry on hydrating it.

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