Events: London Fashion Week Festival

It still hasn’t happened, to be invited to London Fashion Week. And I wasn’t expecting it either… that is why I went on and bought myself a ticket to London Fashion Week Festival! I was very excited and curious about it.

The catwalk show itself was pretty good but too short. (just 20 minutes!) Trends reported were floral prints, frills, off the shoulder tops. Nothing new here. But some of the dresses were quite interesting, to say the least. I mainly got my eyes on a red frill long dress and black floral two pieces outfit. 

The event was at The Strand in central London and it was pretty well organized in different floors and with great designer sales. (I might still need a thought about that?)

I particularly enjoyed the jewellery and bag stands, also the shoes and the boots from different brands were quite the highlight. I have to say some of the clothes were still a bit far from my tastes with a little too much of experimentation (lately I have been drawn to the classic side of fashion).

Check out my phone pictures below:







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