Am I going too far?

Roses are red, skies are blue… am I going too far?
I am using it as a metaphor… growing up I thought that we should have our own style and always stick to it.

I was always the kid in the corner, trying to be myself 100% of the times, watching people change their opinions, their friends, their boyfriends. I was always the one with a pretty clear head on my shoulders, while keeping my dreams at the top of my thoughts.


So, it was natural for me to think that I would always wear plaid shirts, band tees, black clothes and long cardigans all my life.

I cannot deny I will always be most comfortable wearing those clothes, but that doesn’t change the fact I needed some change in my wardrobe.

I then decided to order this red & black embroidery body and paired it up with a classic pair of capri pants and my wool coat. I went on wearing my black heels and fishnet tights. Jewellery are minimal in this look, because the embroidery top itself has a choker.


I think that I am still true to myself, keeping it edgy but going a little more on the classic side of fashion. And anyway, who are we, if not constantly evolving human beings?

Photos by theweirdcat




  1. Valentina Castillo
    03/03/2017 / 4:30 am

    You look amazing! love the outfit.


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