And what about the future?

I remember that question when I was 13 years old. ‘What do you want to do in your future?’ it was regarding which school courses to take and what to study next. What would it be of my future.

I wasn’t ready. I was far too young to know it and have a clue about it. Of course, I was always the creative kid, so I always wanted to do something along that line.

But I didn’t know then what I really wanted to do in my life. Do I know now?

Well, do you know? I think most of the time, we just need to move along our path and see what we like at that moment, see if there is something we might like for a little longer. I grew fond of photography after nearly ten years of practicing. But I do like more things, even though being a fashion photographer would be a dream job.

But who knows what I will think and do in ten years time? And if we just become tired of the same routine when we finally achieve our goals? 


Did your goals changed over the years or it was always the same things in your mind? I personally think I just need to feel myself and feel happy with it. And if I’m not, I shall change something then.

// I’m wearing my new stud flats from Asos, which was kind of a gift to myself for being so good at handling stress lately. 
I’m also wearing my new beige sweater and faux leather pants by Zaful. (find the links below)
They fit very comfortably and I really like the pants cut and they just look perfect! The sweater is great for these temperatures in London. // Find Zaful Spring 2017 Promotions HERE

Sweater: ZAFUL
Pants: ZAFUL (almost sold out)
Shoes: ASOS

Photos by theweirdcat


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