Who cares about the labels?

In a world where everything is under the public eye and we are experiences a real phenomenon of walking zombies (humans with cellphones walking down the street), it’s no surprise that some of us just wanna feel free.

We should detox our brain every once in a while and not only from social media, but from the entire world. Everyone is constantly judging others and we need a break from time to time. 

Love is labelled, friendships are labelled, styles are labelled, we are labelled from the day we are born. (our names and skin colors, right?)

Who are we to decide if someone is worth better than somebody else? As a matter of fact, we cannot see what’s inside a human being, but we certainly can see what’s on the outside so well, we think we are ready to give our thoughts to the world, without nobody asking.

Even if labels exist, we don’t have to feel constricted inside a certain perimeter. We can push those labels outside their limits. Life is already confining us inside this world, which sometimes gets a little too weird, so at least, as small beings as we are, we can use a little more imagination, a little more respect, a little more freedom.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, in fact don’t be afraid when you need to be free.

// I am wearing my new perfectly matching combo from Zaful, this gorgeous faux leather pants and this comfy striped oversized tee.  My studded flats are from Asos// 

Pants: ZAFUL
Shoes: ASOS

Photos by theweirdcat




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