What’s behind Social Media?

In a world like ours has become, where all the social media has the power to reach millions of people around the world, we think that this is it. 

Unless we don’t introduce robots and aliens in this conversation, there is no other way we can go that far as we are now. Goodbye human interaction. Real one. This is it.

We come so far and yet we are constantly avoiding eye contact, hand shaking, hugging strangers and a normal conversation in the train.

What is wrong with us?

Well, speaking of the younger generations, it’s not entirely our fault if we need an easy way to connect with everybody at the same time and instantly. We need that, because now we are so many in this planet. We are so many, we need to meet almost every kind of human there is, to know what is right for us, what can become of our future relationships.

Well, behind social media there is a huge world. What you can’t see is everything. We need to lie sometimes, in order to achieve our goals. 

Speaking of which, I’m wearing this incredibly beautiful heels here, which are also very uncomfortable. I was carrying my Nike shoes with me and as soon as we finished shooting, I wore them immediately. My hair was constantly looking weird because of the wind, but I tried and manage to make it look nice at least on camera. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

By the way my new navy jacket from SheIn wasn’t uncomfortable  at all, since I am wearing it now to work. 

Jacket: SHEIN

Photos by theweirdcat


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