How to look Classy in 5 Steps

One of the things I had to learn on my way approaching 30s, is to look classy. 

Always being the grungy girl since high school, I had some troubles going into a more chic look. And it’s not that I didn’t want to try, but the issues were that I couldn’t feel comfortable that way. Of course, having grew up helped me getting another perspective of the sense of fashion.

Nowadays, I feel chic and feminine wearing something more trendy, but at the same time classy.

So how can you look classy?

1. WEAR BLACK AND WHITE. It’s such a classy combination, you can’t miss it! Like the old movies, feel like you gave your outfit a makeover and like you gave it a precious twist.

2. WEAR STRIPES. Stripes are the perfect pattern for your classy and chic looks. You can wear striped cami tops over flowy shirts or even statement sleeves striped shirts that are so trendy right now. Choose black and white or blue and white for the perfect classic look.  
3. PLAY WITH ACCESSORIES. You don’t need big earrings to look effortlessly cool. You can pick some basic jewellery as well, but it has to be nice and elegant. Something minimal, but charming. You can wear golden reading glasses, fedora hats, silk scarfs, bicolor heels for a change!

4. WALK NICELY. You need to feel the vibes here! You need to keep your head and shoulders straight and feel confident. In the end, you need to please yourself first. Look at yourself in the mirror, is that a smile? Then go out and keep smiling, head up.

5. FEMININE & MASCULINE. If you are gonna try it, you won’t regret it. Choose carefully some clothes that belongs to the woman world. Hint: dresses, maxi skirts, ruffles skirts and off the shoulder tops. And then choose some clothes that are more suitable to a man’s wardrobe. Hint: fedora hats, wide leg pants, big belts, suit jackets. Mix and match and voilà!

Which ones are your to-go steps for a classic look?

// I am wearing my new awesome striped combo look from Metisu. Haven’t heard of it? Check out their great designer pieces, some of them are selling out very quickly! If you are looking for some original designs, check them out here.

I really love the ruffle sleeves white shirt, so elegant! Matched with the striped cami top it looks perfect for a office look or an evening dinner out. The striped pants are the smart choice here, being so comfortable and all. I went on and finished the outfit with a small bag from H&M, embellished choker from River Island and Public Desire boots. // 

Shirt & Top: METISU 

Photos by theweirdcat



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