I am your neighbour

In modern times, we often forget that we are all on the same boat. Yet, we constantly fight against each other. But what was that thing that kept us close, fifty years ago or more?

We were neighbours and that didn’t just mean that we were living next to each other. Everybody knew everybody, people would talk to you on the street and ask you how were you feeling, people would smile at you and you would have a tea in their company, often in their household.

Nowadays, we try and be nice to others, but it’s just doesn’t seem natural. We fear something might happen, something we say, something others do. We are not feeling that sense of freedom that we should have.

The world has kept on spinning and it just got more damaged and people kept on losing control after it.

Yet, we still walk next to each other, sit next to each other in public transport, meet each other at the shop till and ask each other information when we are lost. 

We would just need to remind ourselves that we can still smile to each other and talk to each other.

I am your neighbour, you are mine.

Except, when we are just a little too tired for conversation. 
Top: Zaful
Photos by ven.elena



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