Take Away, Please

What’s more modern society than introducing new rules and differ from the system?

Restaurants and bars used to have the spirit of eating all together, different people, not from the same family, under the same roof. Chatting, meeting new faces, having a laugh.

Now, it’s take away or eat in. You have two options and it’s mostly the first one. 

People don’t have the time to stop for a while and talk to someone. I am usually taking the time to stop in a restaurant and eat there. The atmosphere, the laughs, the whispers, the people, the moments. Everything makes a place unique. 

But I also admit that living in London, sometimes it gets hard. You need more time and you need to live fast in order to achieve more.

We are a bit slaves of this society that push us further that where we actually are and want to be.

But there’s a point in trying, sometimes. We can try to be a bit more conscious, slow down more, breathe in breathe out, look at the people around. This makes us more humans, less robots.

Even though, there is no shame if you find yourself in a rush and you really need to say it “take away, please“. Just try to smile at the cashier, at least.

// I am wearing this awesome new duster coat by Shein, which I fell in love with! Love the color and it’s just so stylish, everyone keeps asking me where it’s from. Second, I am wearing new jewellery (finally!) by Zaful. The bracelet it’s just so trendy and nice, I am wearing it to work also! I love the style of this watch! I wanted something black and white around my wrist. // 

Watch: ZAFUL
Bracelet: ZAFUL

Photos by theweirdycat




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