How to French Style

I’ve had my eye on it for a while… on how to dress like a French girl. I got interested in it after watching Audrey Hepburn and looked her up on Pinterest. Her style was timeless, chic, beautiful. 

So, I wanted to make it mine for this look. (still keeping it a little edgy, though!)

To style your look like a French girl, follow these steps:

1. Wear stripes. French style is typical about stripes. It has to look like your on vacation in St Tropez.
2. Put a ring on it. This is my personal French touch. If you wear a bag or a shirt or anything with a huge ring on it it will look French. (right?)

3. The newsboy hat. As less French as it sounds, this hat will make you look like a Parisian, if you match it with the proper outfit!
4. Wear it proudly. You need to feel the outfit, walk with confidence and add a touch of feminine and masculine at the same time. This will make you look irresistible. (and that’s proper French) 

5. Minimal accessories. You don’t need much, but make sure you put that belt around your waist and a necklace around your neck, as well as a watch or minimal bracelets/earrings. This is the chic feature.


// I’m wearing my new shirt from Gamiss, have a look it’s just the perfect one, with bow sleeves! (you can tie them as well). All of my accessories are from Zaful, where you can find the latest trends at the moment. // 
Bracelet: ZAFUL
Watch: ZAFUL

Photos by theweirdycat




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