Waiting for Summer

It starts like the beginning of a fairytale. It’s full of hope and awaits the story to unfold. It’s the thought. The first thought of a tale, where it all starts.
I am waiting for summer. It seems like winter has been on for a long time and it needs to get lighter, brighter, nicer.
Every little chill I get, it screams: summer! So let it be summer then… 
New wishes are taking place in my mind, new stories to be told, new days to be discovered… I feel like I am telling a tale, I feel like I need to tell this tale. Like it’s now or never. Let it be summer then, when we all feel children again and the sun rise up to smile upon us, like it was long time we needed it. And it was.
I feel the need to be poetic, like some kind of an artist at the corner of a coffee shop, writing his thoughts. 
Summer it’s like the good moments in life. We are waiting forever for them, we need them to feel complete and be happy, we dream about them every night. Then they come and they come so fast, we can’t keep track of them and we think we are storing them in the back of our mind to collect them later, but later it’s too late and “now” it’s gone. Yes… I feel melancholy. Like summer it’s already passed. But nope… it’s still hasn’t… so let it be summer then. Trees are ready, birds are ready, people is ready. Swimming pools and hot tub spots are open, rooftop gardens as well. Let’s catch a breath then and explore it.
What are you looking forward the most this summer?
// I am wearing my new dreaming navy maxi dress by Metisu. (check out their unique and original clothing featuring independent designers!) 
This dress is just so beautiful, it made me feel like Cinderella! I’ve decided to wear it with a tiny belt around my waist and a mix of silver and golden accessories, finishing the look with my lace up heels. //

Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena


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