Big City Life

Life in a big city ain’t always easy.

Many can tell you that. Especially if you have lived in it for a long time. 

Okay, there is laundry, cooking, food shopping, cleaning the house… but there is more. 

You are independent, but a big city has much more out there than you can imagine. 

For me it would be so different if I would have lived by myself in my small hometown in Italy. I know almost everyone there, no excitement, nothing new.

That is what a big city holds: something special, something new. 

So we feel like explorers in a big city. And then we own it, when we feel we have lived here enough.

Did you get that feeling when you are living somewhere, but one time you lose yourself because the surroundings are too big? 

I got this feeling with London and I just felt lost but also like I am on an adventure, like I am on a trip. Which is really incredible, since I am not.

Big cities have lots of different people, it’s impossible you get to know everyone. Gossips don’t last if they exist at all here. You go out in the morning and people around you change, dynamics change. And sometimes you find yourself giving a stranger directions. Well, this is no small city, after all.


Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena




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