The fear of saying Goodbye

Maybe it’s a human thing. Maybe it’s just like this for everyone else.

Initially, I felt a heavy burden on my heart, dizzy thoughts on my brain and an empty stomach.

Then, it started to be like “I am afraid of this moment to happen” and I had nightmares beforehand.

It’s the fear of saying goodbye. You know it, right?

Your eyes start to water and you don’t have complete control over your emotions and your heartbeat. 
In the old times they didn’t have a phone or a computer, they didn’t have Skype, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram. Nowadays you can follow what people are doing, what the people you love are up to, if they are safe, if they look happy.

Of course, behind social media there is a whole world, like Atlantis but in a more realistic and raw way. 

But before social media, people were saying goodbye as they knew they wouldn’t see that person’s face or hear that person’s voice for a long time. 

For me, it’s still very hard to say goodbye to my family wherever I have to come back in London after my holidays. It’s hard for everyone I care about.

We just need to be more strong and this is not what they teach in school. We need to know that life is random, life is fast and everything can happen.

We need to be prepared, while we can enjoy our little happy moments. This is the truth, anyway.


Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena


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