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When I was small, I used to have lots of these kind of dresses/rompers. Summery, colourful, different shaped ones.
I used to love the way each dress made me feel: cool! Now, I don’t wear dresses that often unfortunately. Let’s say, growing up and being a teenager shaped my tomboy style a little bit too much. Now, growing older, I feel like I would rather prefer going on the feminine side of fashion.

I am exploring classy outfits and dresses a little more, finally!

It’s still hard for me to feel comfortable in high heels and mini skirts, but I really love the way they make me feel.


One of the latest trendy colours is mint/aquamarine and it’s one of my recent favourite colours as it reminds me of the ocean and the sky all together. (don’t follow literally, I don’t mean that the sky is actually mint!)
I really like how this colour enhances my mediterranean heritage, hazel hair and eyes, full red lips, dark eyebrows. Dolce & Gabbana inspired me a little, while putting this outfit together.
It’s not actually like I am wearing a mini skirt or a short dress, but you get the idea. This romper is definitely an attention grabber! It was kind of short on the bottom area, so I preferred to cover myself up with a striped stylish cardigan.
// I am wearing romper by Zaful (which is the prettiest romper ever! Love the bow sleeves details!), along with my Public Desire heels and my Primark striped cardigan. I kept the accessories minimal as usual, wearing one gold earring and silver rings. (my latest trend: mixing silver and gold) Find more green short dresses here // 

Romper: ZAFUL

Photos by  katebackdrop and ven.elena

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