Smell the Roses

While out in Primrose Hill with photographer Tim, we spotted this little corner full of flowers. I love this area, because it’s so quiet and so colorful and it’s great for creative people.

You know how the say, smell the roses? Well, roses are my favorite flowers of all time, even though I love all flowers! So, why not try a shot when I actually smell the flowers? I do that all the time!

You know why they say smell the roses? It’s not just for the fact that flowers actually smell so good and they brighten up your mood, it’s also for the fact that we all need a few more of this little moments in our lives. We often rush to work, rush to take a bus, rush to an appointment, rush to school, rush rush rush.

We simply forget that humans are essentially creatures that like to relax. So, even though we need to rush to work, maybe we can wake up 10 minutes earlier and smell the flowers on our way to the station.

I noticed the effect that nature and animals have on me, just for a little moment! When there’s a cat on my way to the station and I stop to pet him, I feel so much better afterwards! It’s the same with the weather… now London has been hit by a ray of sunshine and my mood lifted instantly. How cool and magic is that?

// I am wearing my new super comfy romper by SheIn which is perfect for summer weather and a stroll around town! Check it out below / 

Romper: SHEIN

Photos by Tim Copsey


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