Stripes on Trend

Trend: Stripes

I wasn’t keen on this trend and it has been like that for a while. When I was small, I loved wearing things with stripes and anything comfy and cool, really.

Growing up, I was still loving my striped tees (with that 90’s vibes going on!), but later on I thought they were a little too much for my taste.

It’s weird, the trend thing. You actually don’t like something anymore, but if the trends come out, you are thinking about it again. And sometimes, change your mind.

I really love the mood of these pictures, where black and white and red are merging together with pastel backgrounds.

It’s an unusual combination that works.
I am wearing my new striped top and red zip skirt by VIPmeIf you still don’t know it, as a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner me.
I shot a video as well, which you can see here

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White Sweater: VIPme
Red Skirt: VIPme

Photos by ven.elena




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