Is it real?

Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There,

If you have struggled all your life to see without glasses or anything that could help, then you know what I am talking about. 

For me it all started when I was in school and I suddenly couldn’t read the chalkboard anymore. It was extremely hard for me to understand why. Like for everybody, when you suddenly find yourself in a new situation, you need to develop your instincts to your full potential.

Some people know what I mean. It can happen in many different situations and ways, not just with your eyesight. 

Suddenly, as humans we have to find our way on dealing with certain issues. 

One of the things that I have learnt so far, it’s Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There.

This is not referring just to things that are too blurred and far away for our eyesight to see, but to things that are not present, but we can believe in. 

Each of us has those things, it doesn’t have just to be religion, but it can be something else as well. 

It takes courage to find things that are not real and make them real for ourselves. But we all know how powerful is our brain if we train it. Sometimes we need those things to survive, just like our dreams are keeping us sane. 
Glasses: ZAFUL

Photos by theweirdycat



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