White is Innocent

“You’ve got wings, baby.”
This is what Lorelai Gilmore said to Luke on the first episode of Gilmore Girls. (a.k.a my favourite tv show of all time)
Did you notice that many people that decide to wear white feel the urge to celebrate a new healthy life, or a new phase of their life, or they want to look angelic? (or they simply want to change their Instagram feed)
It’s kind of funny that we evolved so much as human beings, but still we find these common ideas based in our nowadays life.
White is innocent, Black is guilty. I love wearing black and I will always have, but white has recently took a little more space into my wardrobe (yes, now it’s really full) and it’s probably because I needed a change.


And it’s also funny, that evolved as we are, sometimes we really should bite our tongue, before we swear we never will do a certain thing.
It’s completely fine to change our mind sometimes. We don’t know everything, we can’t always be right.
So is White innocent, then?
Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena







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