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Light Me Up

You know, one of those days?
There are days when all I need is just to feel lightened up. Adult life is full of responsibilities, choices, serious stuff. And I really miss those times when all I was thinking about was singing and playing with my dolls outside. 
There are times that things have a certain weight on me and I feel like I am going to explode. When this happens, I really need to sit down and whisper nice things to myself. Then, I look up at the sky and I hear the birds sing. This is like a lullaby for my brain.
Kurt Cobain was saying that birds are screaming about murders every morning and as much as I like him as an artist, I cannot agree on this.


When I hear birds singing it seems like there is another world out there. I suddenly feel like I am in a tropical forest in a beautiful quiet island. I suddenly feel like somebody switched on a light upon me and I feel very light, like I am floating.

Or maybe is it just my brain, playing with my thoughts?


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Skirt: VIPME

Photos by ven.elena