I want to live in a Tropical World

Daydreaming, much?
In times like these, when terror attacks are happening so often and we are not feeling safe even walking down the street, it’s the times when I find myself daydreaming a lot. 
My brain switches off for a while from the usual negative reality and seems to wander into a different reality.
I am dreaming of a world where peace is everywhere, it’s like the base ingredient and we are all safe and happy. I am happy and safe and I can smile like an idiot.



And there I wonder… why so many people in this world have so much hate? 
We are all a bit broken inside, it is not enough to deal with on a everyday basis?
Well, in my imaginary tropical island, none of this matters.  Because we are free to walk down the immense green, smile at each other, find your own place where to sleep, talk, dream and we just go on like that, with that smile on our face.

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