Gingham on Trend

Do you like the new Gingham trend?
Honestly, I didn’t like it very much in the beginning. I thought it would look weird on me and I would look like a teenager.
But, as I have discovered shooting this outfit in sunny Canada Water, I fell in love with this Gingham embroidered bardot top
I am very keen on the bardot thing. It seems to work well with my bodyshape and it makes me feel feminine.



So, this combo perfectly matches my style now. I went on and wore my ripped denim shorts with white Adidas.
I spotted this amazing spot near the entrance of an apartment. The orange roses are just so pretty and the wind was blowing and it looked like a Southern atmosphere.
The ice on the cake of this outifit is my red handbag with an olive green leopard scarf tied on it.

Rings: ZAFUL
Necklace: ZAFUL
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Photos by theweirdycat









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