Be the Diversity


This is not one of the easy topics.
If you ever felt strange, if you ever felt wrong and insecure, if you ever felt like you didn’t belong, like you were the different one… well, Welcome to the Club.
One of the main thing that crossed my mind when I had to choose a name for my blog (years ago), was exactly how being the different one in every life context shaped my character and personality.
I picked ‘Not for Ordinary People’ as a motto and my blog’s name. Many will think that not being ordinary means being the wild soul at every night party, being drunk all day, sleeping on the streets or being not pretty enough.
I don’t mean anything of that, actually. 



What always made me feel not ordinary was the way my brain thinks. And when I meet people like me, it instantly clicks. I feel like I am being understood, my brain is at ease and my heart as well.
In other situations, I feel very uncomfortable. Most people are all the same, to me. That is why, sometimes, they just suck all of my energy and I don’t feel completely free talking to them. This doesn’t happen when I meet not ordinary people that have a open minded brain which allows them to think differently in a funny, creative way and to say weird things that are also nice and sweet.
Well, I just thought you should know. Be the diversity in the crowd, there are already too many people like others. Be different. 

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