We should all be Feminists

Remember that song?
It’s a man’s man’s man’s world, it said. We want things to be changed, so now everybody (starting from bloggers and influencers) is spotted wearing a feminist t-shirt.

Well, it’s about time that things change, I like when there are different point of views and not just one. We live in a world that is too big to pretend to know everything and everyone and pretend to make the rules for everybody.

Don’t you agree?



You know that tale where the pretty unlucky girl was alone in her room singing all day to herself and waiting her prince charming to save her from her sad life? (one of my favourite tales by the way)
Nowadays women are independent, they don’t wait around for someone to save them (even if it might pop up now and then in their dreams), they need to make things done, they need to find a job, pay the bills, fight for equality and their rights, live their life even if prince charming doesn’t exist and there is nobody good looking with a good heart around.
Tales have to be rewritten, even if I must admit I am still a fan of the tales I grew up with. (they are just so nice, like a whole new world)
We don’t have to kill dreams, just realize that we have to live in a different way, but still dream the same.

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