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The Roses Trend

This trend is one of my favorites.
If you don’t know it, you most probably have been sleeping in a cave or such. (or maybe you are just not a Fashionista)
Lady Gaga was seeing wearing one of these. Dolce & Gabbana are famous for their roses dresses and accessories.
Everywhere in shops you can see the roses embroidery patches on mesh dresses, black tops, bodysuits, bras and more.
I have always been a fan of roses and when I entered Primark the other week, I couldn’t stop myself grabbing this beautiful red roses dress and when I found out that it was so cheap, it was already in my shopping basket.


I used to have a similar dress when I was small and probably my brain recalls the nice memories I had when I was wearing it. (or something like that!)
I went with a photographer and stylist to find this beautiful immaculate spot in North London. Lots of people are taking pictures here. (no surprise, really!)
All in all is a romantic outfit with a little bit of edgy details on the side.

Dress: PRIMARK (similar here)

Photos by timcopseyphotography

Stylist dannimartinali