How to be a Fashion Blogger if you are not

But then, what does it mean that I am not? (A fashion blogger)
Today’s topic is how you can be a Fashion Blogger when you don’t look like one, when you are totally not fashionable or a model or any special beauty at all.
Keep on reading.
I am not saying you are ugly or I am ugly and that we are not capable of being bloggers. We are. It’s just the way we use some special tricks that makes all the difference.
1. You need to know your good sides. And I don’t only mean the good poses you can strike in front of the camera, in order to look less low-key yourself as possible and more of a stunning Greek figure. (well… let’s see about that) If you like your nose, if you like your hair, if you like your stomach etc… enhance them. Try to pose so people will think how gorgeous you look all the time. BUT and there’s a but, don’t forget that your bad sides are important too. This is one of the lessons I learned ultimately. Don’t be afraid to show your readers that you are human too and that you have your flaws too.


2. Be the judge and the creative director of yourself.  Nobody will know better anyway. You need to be at the top of your game, know what has to be the mood of the photoshoot, the background, the color scheme, the makeup and hairstyle, the overall look. You need to select the pictures that better represents the outfit and yourself, because not only is important to look good, but also to have an interesting captivating personality that will show even from a computer screen. (you’re looking for more followers, after all)




3. Look, copy, learn, then do it better yourself. I have seen different fashion bloggers starting off copying other fashion bloggers (sometimes they even state it on their blog) and then when they learn what can distinguish them from the others, they start doing it better themselves. Adding more features, using the same poses, engaging readers with good content. I’m constantly looking at other fashion bloggers for ideas, new concepts, new contents, how to engage better with the audience, how to create better pictures. Without researching we are stuck at the starting point, so better do our researches instead.

Top & Shorts Set: SHEIN
Full lace wigs: Niawigs
Shoes: NEW LOOK (similar here)

Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena
Wedding Dresses NZ













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