You need a break

When it’s the time you know you need a break?
Well, you need a break if
1. You yell at inanimate things and people without a reason. Stop and breath a second. Why are you yelling? What is wrong with you whispering quietly? Well, you need a break mate.
2. Everyone suddenly seems like a horrible living creature that is on your way all the time. Stop and think for a minute. Do you think that there is a huge negative energy against you today? Well, we should contact the Great Demon King then (Nana fan here)! You need a break mate.
3. You experience different emotions all at once and they are usually negative emotions. Whatever happens to you gives you a heavy heartbeat and you stress over futile things, you over analyze situations and you feel like you are in a prison. You need a break.


I went to this beautiful place in Hampstead, just because I needed a break and it was surreal. Love the cinematic atmosphere you breath here.

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Photos by timcopseyphotography
Stylist dannimartinali






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