Rosé, please!

Do you need anything, miss?
Sometimes we joke at work. The office becomes animated and the Friday is near. 

Fridays are for Rosé and small talks. Laughs and music. That’s what we need.

Rosé is the perfect choice, not too sour, not too sweet, you don’t get too drunk and you don’t feel that bad afterwards.

So then we ask everyone, Rosé? Rosé, please!

When I have seen this Rosé all day bodysuit on Zaful I thought OK, gonna have it! What better outfit that wearing jeans, flip flops and a pair of sunnies and outside a temperature of 30 degrees? (thank you London)

All in all, it’s the perfect look right now. My holidays are here finally! Gonna enjoy it while they last! 

Bodysuit: ZAFUL
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Photos by timcopseyphotography
Stylist dannimartinali


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