The future is scary

Ever wondered what’s next?

The future can get scary, as we move forward in an uncertain world where we don’t feel safe anymore, happy not for long, always drawn to new things.

Stay focus on the present time. If you feel overwhelmed by what’s around you (or what’s not), take a moment to chill out and relax. Many times people feel this way, the world is big, but at the same time not many good opportunities are around at the right time. If you feel you need to move somewhere else, start planning for it. 

Don’t overreact. If you start to be dramatic or give too much weight to your negative thoughts they will become huge and impossible to sustain. Thinking about everything at the same time can consume your energy and make you feel weak and depressed. Keep a list of what you need to do daily and what you can do later on in the week/month.

Keep the good people close. You won’t need 50 of them, just a bunch to make you feel better about yourself. Cut the ones that make you feel bad and bring you down. You won’t need 50 of them, really. 

Make your private moments your happy place. Going to bed at night and dream, sit in front of a window and think, listening to nature sounds… whatever makes you in the right mood and keeps you far from the everyday problems, is welcomed. You need to create your happy place on this earth.

Swimwear: ZAFUL
Bag: ZARA (similar here)

Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena


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