WTF I’m wearing?

While I was editing these pictures yesterday,
I couldn’t stop looking at my outfit. While, from one side it seemed so cool and trendy (even too many trends at once!), on the other side it seemed just a tad too much. 
Not gonna lie, these sunglasses gave me life in this particular look and the GRL PWR tee just seemed about right, but overall it can leave me (and you perhaps?) thinking: well, I have exaggerated. 
This is my thing: I never know how to switch to basic, I usually just throw everything at once and try to make it look cool, while keeping it down, but I never go on the basic side. (always been my life)


It might be, because I always wanted to impress and it might be a little bit of egocentrism, but at the same time I’m pretty shy when I walk down the street, so why not using a more easy look?
And I have to tell you, when I have put this look on, it felt so comfy and easy! Whatever is on reality, it will change on pictures, trust me. You need to select your expressions, your poses, your look carefully when you go to shoot a look, otherwise you will end up asking yourself “WTF I am wearing?”
And there is really no proper answer to that. It’s kind of fascinating that we have a reality and another perspected reality in which things are a little different. (like the example above)
We can play a little in photoshoots, but we need to know what looks best on us in reality and what makes us feel good as well. Overall, it’s a combination of both, but sometimes (like in my case!) we need to step back and analyze our signature style and go a little more easy on that.



T-Shirt: ZAFUL
Shoes: ZARA


Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena














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