5 Reasons to Move to London

If you have been living for a long time in London like me, 
you know what it feels like and why you’re still here.
There must be moments of nostalgia now and then, but what made you come here and what made you stay it’s still strong in your heart nevertheless.
In the beginning, you have felt such a revolutionary idea taking place in your head, that you felt the urge to follow it. You were thinking about it for a while, about moving out and finally everything was getting real.

You needed to find your wings and spread them. You needed to feel your legs running and leave the ground.
Then, you got it. Your one way ticket to London. If I say it like that, it seems sort of a Chocolate Factory, when Charlie won the golden ticket to enter.
It’s not Wonderland either, but London is full of life and I’ve got 5 reasons for you on why you should move here, if you have been thinking about it for a while.
1. You have endless opportunities in London. Deep down, if you want to move to London, you are really looking for those: the opportunities. And what better way to find them than in a city that has everything to offer to everybody, no matter the genre, age, experience? Well, experience… you still need some kind of experience, but sometimes here in London people will be ok to teach you. You have a day off and you need to relax, well London has plenty of offers for you (and most of them come for free!). You are looking for a fun place to hang out after work? Covered. You need to find some secret gems or international restaurants? Covered. Whatever you need, you will find it here.
2. You can be independent. I wanted to feel independent, it was one of the reasons why I came here. I wanted to earn my living, do what I wanted with my money and my time and I wanted to grow up a little. I needed some kind of education in how to do that,. It’s good to have a Peter Pan in our heart, but we need to know what the real world is like as well, in order to survive and be ready. Be prepared then, nobody doing laundry for you and buying food and anything else you will need along the way. Cooking skills will save you from starting the take-away marathon. If you need help with the local language so you can be suited to work, see here this tuition for secondary english classes.


3. You can become your real self. Eventually, as time goes by, and you have been living alone for a while, you will learn more about who you are and why you are doing the things you are doing. In the end, it all comes down to that. We need to know ourselves, know we can also change, our values, accept and love ourselves as the first person that matters to us. Then we can appreciate more the people we have in our life.
4. You are a citizen of the world. Okay, London is not the whole planet, but we have really everyone from every part of the world here. And growing up in a really small town, I wasn’t used to that. It opened my mind, but also made me feel like now I finally like people from my own country. 
5. You can actually build up your future. For a creative person like me, it has always been very difficult, if not impossible, to understand what I wanted to do in my life. It became clearer recently (well, in these past years) that I love everything creative  and especially anything to do with photography and blogging. I am very passionate about it and I want to make it my job in the future. I want to improve myself to a bigger level and follow my heart on what makes me feel better. Nowadays, I am doing a better job that when I have started, thanks to my blog. My photography portfolio and collaborations have improved and I am looking to continue on this path.
What are the reasons that you are in London (or wherever you have moved out to) ?


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